Auto fill AD détails and accounts in web pages

  • Hello,
    when i tick “Join Domain after image task” it doesn’t fill domain details (name, user and password).
    In a previous version, if i remember well, it was fill everything itself but when i tried under one of my current 0.32 version and my 1.1.x, text box wasn’t filling themselves.
    Under 0.32, computer doesn’t seem to join domain without these data.

    The second things is, when i save my homepage login account (fog / password by default) browser put it in most (if it’s not all pages) requesting for a accound (AD account, node account, etc.).
    Even overwrite the saved account for nodes and possibly on others.
    Is it possible to check webpage code to prevent this (box name) and avoid wrong account and password saving ?



  • If it’s only linked to Chrome : [url][/url] (added screenshot about that flag but can’t test if it works right now)

    But, I’m under the same Chrome and going to the FOG 0.32 right now and the problem isn’t here.
    Homepage password is saved but it’s doesn’t overwrite node account or password.

    (sorry my browser is in french)

    [url="/_imported_xf_attachments/1/1057_Sans titre.jpg?:"]Sans titre.jpg[/url]

  • The problem is autofill settings. I’ve added autocomplete=“off” to all of the form fields to try and prevent this. At the time when I did this, there was only One browser that didn’t listen to this entry. That was Safari, now it appears Chrome is starting to not care whether or not this is set either.

  • Can’t be for certain, but I think I might have ran into a similar (or the same) issue last week. We had our domain information disappear. One of my coworkers also noticed the autofill issue when using Chrome.

    We also had another possibly related issue where settings were lost from the “Fog Settings” page. Not only the AD credentials but also things like the “web root” setting. If it happens again I will send any relevant info you might need. Friday of last week I had to get started on a group of 360 netbooks so didn’t have time to troubleshoot. I just reinstalled OS and everything.