Apache and MSQL breaks after restart

  • I’m running Ubuntu 13.10 with Fog 1.1.1 and this was a clean install. Everything works fine until I restart the server. Once it restarts and you try to open fog management, it opens to the Schema Update page and even if you try it just hangs on that page. If I rerun the fog installer and I open the Fog management it goes straight to login and works fine. If I need to restart (or the electricity goes out, which happened one day) and I restart, then it does not work again. Anyone have any ideas on this? Thanks.

  • I’m going to run western digital diagnostics on the hard drive, hopefully, if it is corruption on the drive then a reload with another drive will remedy this issue.

  • also just noticed that one of the images from before may be currupt, its a windows 7 image and it writes the larger partition with all of the OS files and folders etc, but not the small boot partition. So not sure if that is part of the issue either.

  • [LEFT][SIZE=3][FONT=arial][COLOR=#545454] I have tried sudo service apache2 restart and [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/LEFT][LEFT][SIZE=3][FONT=arial][COLOR=#545454]sudo [/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/LEFT][I][LEFT][SIZE=3][FONT=arial][COLOR=#545454][B]restart apache2, they both only give one error , which I did not write down and currently I am imaging so I don’t rmember but I don’t think it partained to anything important. something about dns and[/B][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][/LEFT][/I]

  • Senior Developer

    How are you trying to restart apache2 or mysql?

    There is known issues with potential fixes, but I don’t know what’s causing Mysql to fail.

  • Forgot to mention apache2 will not start and msql will not either as well as I cannot do a msql backup.

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