What is /dev/mapper/vg_fog-lv_root and why is it so small?

  • Can anyone tell me what this is?:

    In my fstab, it’s mounted on the root of my filesystem, and has 50 Gb available. However, it also seems to hold the image uploads, and my systems’ images are much larger than 50 Gb. After trying to upload an image to the FOG server, I spent all afternoon figuring out the sudden “Filesystem / has 0 bytes remaining” error messages that were popping up.

    OS is CentOS 6.5, fully updated
    FOG v is 1.11

  • Senior Developer

    I’m going to guess you named the system “fog” when you installed it?

    CentOS 6.5 defaults the filesystem type to lvm disk management. The root partition is usually defaulted to a maximum size of 50 GB.

    When FOG installs, it creates a directory in the root filesystem as /images which would be mounted on the root of the drive or / as you’re seeing.

    If you need it to load to a different disk you can very simply. Just mv the /images to a folder on a filesystem that has much more space. My guess is /home in your case is also on it’s own filesystem labeled as:

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