0.32 storage with 1.x server

  • I have link my 0.32 storage to my FOG 1.x server but on web interface it detect wrong disk space.
    Should it work or i have to upgrade my storage to an 1.x version ?


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  • Added a new storage and still the same display.


    Hardware Information

    General Information
    Storage Node VaubanVieux
    Kernel 2.6.32-31-generic
    Hostname fog0210003P
    Uptime 15:53:13 up 1 day, 7:04, 0 users, load average: 0.16, 0.13, 0.05
    CPU Type GenuineIntel
    CPU Count 1
    CPU Model Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2620 0 @ 2.00GHz
    CPU Speed 1995.192
    CPU Cache 15360 KB
    Total Memory 497
    Used Memory 146
    Free Memory 350
    File System Information
    Total Disk Space 196.8 GB
    Used Disk Space 89.4 GB
    Network Information
    lo Information
    lo TX 14.93 KiB
    lo RX 14.93 KiB
    lo Errors 0
    lo Dropped 0
    eth3 Information
    eth3 TX 10.8 MiB
    eth3 RX 7.61 MiB
    eth3 Errors 0
    eth3 Dropped 0

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  • /images has images in it and i tried to use ftp on fog server to access it. All is fine.
    I will repeat myself but in images management of it give the right size of the images.
    It on the main page when i select the storage that i don’t get the right size.

  • Senior Developer

    If that node is still using 0.32, it’s probably defaulting to the /images directory which my guess is created, but has no data. If my suspicions are correct, you can probably remove the /images directory and create a link to the actual images directory. Something like:
    [code]ln -s /path/to/real/storage/folder/location /images[/code]

  • It’s only on the main page that it doesn’t display well the size.
    When i link an image to an image file, it’s display well the size on server.

  • Anyone has idea ?

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