0.32 storage with 1.x server

  • I have link my 0.32 storage to my FOG 1.x server but on web interface it detect wrong disk space.
    Should it work or i have to upgrade my storage to an 1.x version ?

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  • Added a new storage and still the same display.

    Sans titre.jpg

  • /images has images in it and i tried to use ftp on fog server to access it. All is fine.
    I will repeat myself but in images management of it give the right size of the images.
    It on the main page when i select the storage that i don’t get the right size.

  • Senior Developer

    If that node is still using 0.32, it’s probably defaulting to the /images directory which my guess is created, but has no data. If my suspicions are correct, you can probably remove the /images directory and create a link to the actual images directory. Something like:

    ln -s /path/to/real/storage/folder/location /images

  • It’s only on the main page that it doesn’t display well the size.
    When i link an image to an image file, it’s display well the size on server.

  • Anyone has idea ?

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