FOGFTP Faild to connect, Host :"server_IP", Error: Undefined index: conn

  • Hi
    I’m pretty new at fog Project,
    i setup fresh install on VM
    Fog 1.1.1
    OS sentos 6.5
    fog running fine at registration , after uploading image I’m getting this Error repeatedly
    what is wrong?
    I check the fog FTP user & Password, its seem OK
    one more thing, I tray to accesses the fog server Via FTP from windows ([url]ftp://SERVER_IP[/url]) - i get promoted user & pass request but none of the users can’t accesses (even root)
    Please HELP

  • Well,

    Based on the information you’ve provided, while the ftp user and password “seem” OK, they’re not okay.

    Check the Storage Management Page, specifically the Storage Nodes and select yours.

    You should see, under the Management Username and password, the user and password fog is attempting to use to login to FTP.

    If you try to access the ftp using the user fog and the password from the aforementioned area, it should let you in, if it doesn’t you likely need to change the Linux FOG User (fog) on your system.