Diskless boot windows XP image

  • I have installed FOG 1.1.1 on Ubuntu Server 14.x
    have configured everything
    have booted terminal client and uploaded disk image from client

    now i need to boot 10 terminlas without HDD over network with tat image.
    i got:
    also got memdisk.

    files are located: /images, /tftpboot, var/[url=“http://www”]www[/url]…
    main menu contains “Hard disk boot” and it starts

    What should i do to make :

    1. diskless boot with 10 terminals
    2. remove of “hard disk load” from main boot menu on client and insert the own bootable devis (prepared image)


  • thanks for info and a great project.
    i think it has a great potential to grow.
    i’ve forgotten the things we have done 5 years ago and looked for the same solution but more managable.
    we have used iSCSI and later AOE to boot windows diskless PCs over ethernet.
    iSCSI had many issues on booting and work stability: each PC should have its own image and locks it while usage. if some packet loss occures PC hangs because the driver tries to keep connection alive and fails on packet loss (like HDD loss). It had great issue on client count same time booting: if more than 10 - other failed to boot because of timeouts etc…
    AoE worked perfectly with one image for all clients and without hangs on packet loss.
    Also Windows need one small tool from Windows Embedded called FBWF (File Base Write Filter) to make the bootable disk read only caching file changes on bootable disk to memory untill the next reboot (very great tool to keep system partition virus clean even on local PCs). Page file must be off and RAM should be 2+ Gb to handle RAM bootable partition (500-800Mb) and other running programs.
    So the most powerfull profit was to get bootable Windows partition over network with network mounted work read-write partiion.

    I hope sometimes you will include this functionality in your project to make it really powerfull solution to do whatever any one needs to create and maintain large amount of client PCs.

  • Senior Developer

    I have never used FOG in this manner. That said, I’m sure google can help you find what you’re looking to do.

    We don’t have a full on tutorial to do the thing you’re trying to do.


  • ok. i also have an iso copy of that boot partition (that thinks its a hard drive).
    is it possible to boot it over network?

  • Senior Developer

    As I stated before, the use that you’re trying is not how FOG is intented. Diskless boot would require you to have an “image file” that essentially believes it is the hard drive. The Image that FOG creates would not be one that is bootable over the network.

  • i fact i need the following: boot from network 10 diskless same make and model nettops
    i have made all needed procedures with the image for it could boot from CD, USB, RAM etc. connected the host with image to FOG and uploaded the image.
    now i need to boot 10 same nettops without HDD with this image over network.
    how can i do that? or i can only clone that image to 10 HDDs and boot localy?

  • as i googled i have seen that fog on 0.32 had ability to boot diskless terminals over tftp

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    This is not the intention of FOG.

    FOG is NOT designed to be a “Terminal” server. It’s purpose is imaging/cloning one system to many other systems, typically of the same make and model.

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