Problems after moving images-folder

  • I have moved the image folder into the home folder. I have read the wiki which tells my I have to modify the config file found at /var/www/html/fog/commons/config.php

    I cannot find this file in FOG 1.1.1. I have done all other things described in the wiki. An image is uploaded but left inside the dev folder. I suppose one of the last bits it to move this one level up. Any suggestion about what is wrong?

    Running Centos 5.7 and latest svn version.

  • Thanks Tom, a restart solved the problem.

  • Senior Developer

    Have you, by chance, tried restarting the nfs-kernel-server (or nfs if not debian system?)

  • Sorry but I still have problems after changing the location of my images folder. I have moved the folder from /images to /home/images. I have then altered the /etc/exports so it looks like this:

    /home/images *(ro,sync,no_wdelay,insecure_locks,no_root_squash,insecure,fsid=1,)
    /home/images/dev *(rw,sync,no_wdelay,no_root_squash,insecure,fsid=2,)

    I have run the command exportfs -a and thanges the path in Storage Management. The image is uploaded to /images/dev folder as a folder with mac address. It contains three files: d1.mbr, d1pa.img and d1p2.img (a win 7 disk).

    The folder is owned by fog and permissions are set to 755.

    I need some help to trouble shoot this one. Running latest svn version 1889 on Centos 7.

  • I see, but then I do not understand why an upload did not complete before I edited the config file and then made another upload. Possibly something other which went wrong then. Anyway, it works as expected now.

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    No, this cannot happen. Why?

    Because the values stored in Config.class.php or config.php dealing with all of that is only for the initial installation of fog. All they do is set the Database Values to defaults. Once the schema’s installed/updated, it doesn’t do anything more with those values. They’re basically pointless to have in the file at that point anymore.

  • Thanks! Could this file be updated automatically when the path in Storage group is altered?

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    Then you’re not running FOG 1.1.1.

    Latest SVN Version? What is the exact version number?

    The SVN version config.php has been moved to /var/www/html/fog/lib/fog/Config.class.php

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