Steps to use partclone-utils

  • Hi all,

    I know using partclone-utils has been mentioned in a couple of other threads and Tom has said that the image is compressed. I just wanted to get an idea of if anyone has successfully used partclone-utils to mount an image? If so, are you able to provide any general (or maybe even detailed?) steps as to how it should be done?

    I’ve gotten as far as using imagemount to attach the image to an nbd block device, when trying to mount though I get an error saying that mount was unable to read the bootsector (this is with specifying the type as NTFS).

    Also wondered if it was possible to not compress the partclone image, for individual images - the use case here would be that I have 1 particular image where files need to be changed and it makes life very easy to modify the image itself.

    Any advice or guidance would be appreciated, if you need any further detail from me please let me know.

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