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  • [SIZE=2][COLOR=#000000]Hi all :)[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2][COLOR=#000000]Might just be me being daft but have encountered a minor issue. When I select a group to join AD after imaging task completes nothing happens, All works fine if I flag a single workstation though. What I have noticed is when I check the Join Domain after Image task and hit update the automatically populated values that are pulled in from AD Default settings vanish and check box is cleared.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2][COLOR=#000000]Like I say all works fine when this option is chosen for a single desktop, everything works as it should from hostname change to stashing the machine in my chosen OU.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2][COLOR=#000000]Any help as always is greatly appreciated, it could well be that I have looked at it so long I am missing something silly :)[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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  • Ahh that makes perfect sense, My apologies for my misunderstanding the group structure. I will use the groups to assign the images and AD settings to the hosts then just multicast the images, I was purely trying it as I had to test an image on a couple of machines and told the guy just to quick image them as I was busy doing something else 🙂

    As always thanks for your speedy replies Tom and for the continued work you guys are doing , donation incoming 🙂


  • Senior Developer

    They disappear because of the way groups work.

    I’d have to iterate all hosts in the grouping for each field to verify all hosts have the exact same information to properly have it “keep” the data.

    This is time consuming, so the best method i’ve got right now is to just have it update the data and return as blank. You can verify that the information “sticks” by going to the membership area of the group and click on the name of the host within the group. Lookup the active directory and verify the information is saved and stored.

  • Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the input, I’m running on 1.1.1 at the moment was it something that was incorporated prior to this release? I am going to try setting up a job to push to the group as the method I have been using is to Setup a group, assign the image, Flag the add to AD after imaging task and set the FOG_QUICKREG_GROUP_ASSOC to that specific group so that when one of my guys goes to register a host it can just do a quick image based on the Group settings and the FOG_QUICKREG_IMG_ID. I don’t know if any of that conflicts but the thing that is confusing me is that the fields AD fields that get pulled into the group management section disappear when I click update.


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    I think there was a bug that’s been fixed since this.

    There was a point where the group information wasn’t being updated to the host, though I don’t recall it being related to Active directory specifically. I’m pretty sure it was related to Printers.

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