FOG 0.32 - HP 6710b not working

  • I installed FOG 0.32 and the HP 6710 laptop is not PXE booting. This model was working fine with 0.29. I am sure that I need to install a new kernel for this. Does FOG 0.32 come with the latest kernel? Can I add the drivers to this kernel? or I have to create a custom kernel for this?

  • Thank you for that information. I added another init.gz file and the kernel from another server that is running fog version .029. This is awesome that you can have multiple kernels.

  • [quote=“xbox2012, post: 1339, member: 70”]How do I go about finding out which kernel I already have? Thanks again.[/quote]
    Depending on how old your machines are, and if I’m not mistaken the 6710’s are an older model, I would suggest downloading and installing the kitchen sink kernal. All the kernals can be downloaded from here [url][/url]

    When you download the kernal, it’ll use the latest one that you downloaded. You can have more than one kernal for machines to use, you just have to make sure you supply the argument to select that kernal via the host management interface. Hope that helps.

  • How do I go about finding out which kernel I already have? Thanks again.

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