Fog 1.0.1 Uploads only with raw

  • Just upgraded to Fog 1.0.1 on Ubuntu. Can’t seem to get an image to upload with anything but raw even though I’ve tried both single partition, single disk and multi-partition, single disk. Problem is occurring on both HP6000 desktop and HP 8460 Laptop. I presume it is defaulting to raw since the transfer progress shows to be transferring the whole disk rather than just the occupied size. I’ve seen a few posts similar to this from the 2012 time-frame, but nothing recent. I’m new to Fog so if someone can point me in the right direction, I’ll go chase log files and collect more detail.

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  • Senior Developer

    What type of image are you working with? What I mean by this is: what’s the actual image information such as OS, Image Type?

    Can you perform a debug type task and read what the drive information is?

    RAW format in FOG 1.x.x only happens if the partition information is unrecognized, and even than it’s only for the partition it can’t recognize, not the entire disk.

    What this leads me to believe, is the “main data” partition is not in NTFS, FAT, or EXT(2,3,4) format and is either a RAID type or other format type.

    I hope this makes sense and can help shed some light as to what the problem could be.

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