Deployment Methods

  • I would like to know the difference between the different deployment methods for a group. Is this documented anywhere? Specifically, what is the difference between the “Deploy” and “Download” buttons in the group listings? I understand what multicast is, but for the other 2, I don’t quite see a difference or reasoning behind one or the other.

  • Ahh okay, that makes sense. So the download button is basically just a shortcut. I’m usually using the download.

  • Senior Developer

    Download takes you directly to the “Download” tasking where you schedule the Download image task.

    Deploy takes you to the Deploy page where you can schedule any of the Task types available to the group.

    That’s the difference.

    My mentality of this is we deploy tasks, one of those “Deployed” tasks is download.

    We deploy taskings, the specificity of the tasking is the type.

    This includes Upload tasks, they are deployed. Download tasks, they are deployed. When deploying a task, which type are you using?

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