Unable to locate file: ./other/oui.txt

  • Server: Ubuntu 13.10
    Fog: 1.1.0

    I didn’t see this anywhere in the forums, sorry if this is a repeat. Just finished a fresh install of Ubuntu and Fog, everything (host registration, image upload, image deploy) seems to be working, but when I go to Fog Configuration -> MAC Address List, and click on Update Current Listing, I get “Unable to locate file: ./other/oui.tx” and “current records” stays at 0. So I SSHed into the Fog server and shot out a Find command looking for oui.txt. The two results are:


    Not knowing the true and proper location of where oui.txt is supposed to be, those results look good to me… Anyone encounter this before? Anyone else running these same versions of Ubuntu and Fog care to show the location(s) of oui.txt?

  • I figured it out… turns out, having the addresses of your DNS servers typed in [I]correctly[/I] is important…\

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