FOG image deployment client's Realtek Gigabit Ethernet/ 10/100/1000 issue

  • Hi engineers,

    I am engineer from AOPEN. We are a computer manufacturer that makes ultra small factor computers like DE7000, DE67, etc.

    We have customer that is using your FOG 0.32 and/or 0.29 server, running Ubuntu with
    Problem is when a test engineer deploy the image, it hangs/locks in the middle of the process, he rebooted system, the BIOS boot priority changes on DE7000.
    CPU: Core 2 Duo T6500 2.1Ghz
    Mem: 2GB Ram
    HDD: Hitachi 160GB

    The details are DE7000 uses Realtek Gigabit Ethernet/ 10/100/1000 ([url][/url])

    Normally, our BIOS shouldn’t change when we communicate to a server.
    We have to flash the NIC card back to manufacturer default for the device boot priority not to change.
    I was wondering if the FOG communicates to NIC card in the low level BIOS level when boot to PXE?
    Does your FOG server write any data to the NIC card to boot to PXE? before imaging process?
    Customer still have hanging during imaging deployment. What do you solutions on your end?

    We have 700 units and we may need help from FOG side so they can keep business going.

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  • Does FOG sends data to EEPROM?

  • I need some help.