• One of the first hosts that I added to Fog trough the full reg from the PXE menu was interrupted during the registration process. From the fog web interface, I can see the host but if I go to edit the host (Like to assign an image) the changes don’t appear. If I try to delete the host, after I hit the confirm button to delete, the web page says it can’t display the page, and the host doesn’t go away. Please help resolve this, maybe I have to manually edit the MySQL database? Also, as a spin off on this question, I had to add an entire lab of computers to Fog and I did it by collecting the host names and MAC’s from each machine, putting them in a .csv file and importing. It worked, except my formatting was off and I left a trailing space behind each host name, so I deleted each host, fixed the .csv, but when I go to add the .csv again it tells me there is a host already with that mac address. However, I can edit other hosts that I added through .csv and from PXE boot registration. Please help me with these problems!

  • Senior Developer

    If you know the information such as the host ID you can remove with an sql statement. Why you can’t now is probably because the hostID is currently set to 0 which FOG can’t recognize. That said, normally the host wouldn’t even appear to the system, so the only other guess is maybe and image isn’t set to this host?

    To remove the host:
    [code]mysql -u root -h’<YOUR FOG IP HERE>’ [-p’<YOUR MYSQL ROOT PASSWORD>’ #ONLY IF SET]