Fix for anybody that says they can't join/re-join to the domain (FOG 1.0.1 and Ubuntu 14.04)

  • I ran into this problem with Ubuntu 14.04 and FOG 1.0.1, create a brand new user account in AD click on the link and follow the directions under section 2 [B](Allowing a security principal to join and re-join a computer to a domain)[/B] its the equivalent for setting up a user in SCCM


    The domain admin account that I was trying to use would fail everytime even though it has the rights to add/remove and modify computer users and worked fine joining/re-joining computers to the domain with other imaging solutions. That being said I’m not sure if it’s an over privileged account for the job, so that’s why I created a dedicated account to this one sole purpose.

    So I created a new user and made the appropriate changes to the account and it instantly resolved all my AD joining/re-joining woes (literally the second I entered the new credentials into FOG for active directory defaults the computer started going to work)

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