Ubuntu 14.04/FOG 1.01, copied snapins from old installation not deploying

  • Hi,

    I re-did our main FOG server with the new versions out, and am in the process of cleaning up the wreckage I caused in the process.

    One of the big issues right now is snapins that I had copied over from the previous installation are not able to deploy. I re-uploaded one of them to test and check that permissions were correct. Even though all are owned by www-data (user and group) and have read rights for all, I’m getting a “zero size file” error on clients when trying to deploy them. The one I uploaded through the web interface deployed successfully.

    Any ideas of what I should try next?


  • A find and replace on that field in MySQL took care of it for me.
    [CODE]UPDATE snapins
    SET sFilePath = replace(sFilePath, ‘/opt/fog/snapins/’, ‘’);[/CODE]

  • I’m seeing now that in the database the files on the non-working ones are listed with the full path under sFilePath, while the ones I’ve uploaded post upgrade are just the filename. I’m going to attempt editing one and seeing if that will take care of it for some reason.

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