VirtualBox FOG Server Download

  • Hi Saxx I would be interested in the testing the Fog virtual box !

    Many thanks

  • i would also like to have the link if possible, please? thanks in advance.

  • I would also love a link to this too.

  • [quote=“Darren George, post: 28598, member: 375”]Hi Saxx I would be interested in the testing the Fog virtual box sounds like a cracking idea mate[/quote]

    Hi Darren,

    Sure, not a problem. I’ll PM you the link now… Cheers!

  • Hi Saxx I would be interested in the testing the Fog virtual box sounds like a cracking idea mate

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    if upload speed is something you care about, you might try decreasing the compression rate. in prior versions of fog, the compression is set to 3. in the new version, it is adjustable, and set to 9 by default.

  • Hi Alexander,

    Yes, the upload time is very slow… I looked into this issue and found that it is a problem with Oracle’s VirtualBox software, not FOG/MySQL/TFTP. When you set the latest FOG software up on a physical machine, upload speeds are normal.

    Download speeds are always normal, regardless of a VM or a physical machine. I don’t think there’s anything you can really do about the upload speed… But to be fair, in an enterprise environment we will be doing a LOT more downloading to clients than we are uploading to the FOG server.

  • SaxxAppeal, I’ve configured a VirtualBox VM of Ubuntu 14 Desktop with Fog 1.0.1 with iPxe loading. Currently uploading a Win7 HID image ( another virtual machine ) and noticed the upload time is quite slow. It could be that I have simply taxed the physical hardware too much but I thought I would ask in case you had similar results since you’ve done something similar with the VMs.

  • Tom, I’ll PM you the link.

    By chain load, I mean I PXE Boot to a menu similar to FOG .32, and on that menu I have the option to go in to FOG 1.0.1 using the iPXE kernel, or boot any of the recovery tools I want to install. On the VM, the only tool I installed is Puppy LINUX. I don’t think I did anything innovative, just compiled the best bits of what other people worked out on this forum.

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    [quote=“SaxxAppeal, post: 28134, member: 24189”]Hello all,

    I have created a VirtualBox VDI of Ubuntu 14 Server, with FOG already installed. This can be downloaded and run using Oracle’s free VirtualBox software. The setup uses DNSMasq, and a chain loaded PXE Boot menu with custom PXE Boot options (in this case, you can PXE Boot Puppy LINUX for data recovery). I also did a quick write up (with screenshots!) of how to go about changing the IP address of the server, and in the FOG software. It could be used as a production VM, or someone could dig around and see how everything is configured… It’s probably not perfect, but this is the setup that works great for my environment (and should work for most other environments, too).

    If anyone is interested in the download link, please PM me and I will share. I hope this proves useful to someone out there!

    THANK YOU to the FOG developers for your hard work on a great project!!![/quote]

    I’m extremely interested in testing this. When you say you’re using a chainloaded pxe boot menu, what do you mean? Are you using chainload to ipxe.krn that then communicates with the fog server the same way as the current methods are supposed to be working?

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