Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, Data burst after 150mb

  • Hi,
    Having a nice issue with my new FOG set-up, After the machine receives the first 150mb or so of data the image starts coming down in bursts.
    Starts off at 1gb/s then tapers off to around 200~400mb/s

    Any ideas? changed switch, changed hardware next i will be re-installing ubuntu 😞

    Regards, Tom

  • Hello
    I’m using fog recently, I have several different machines and works on all Boards as put an image by fog.
    But I have computers with Asus P5QL-E boards that do not work.
    How do I schedule the task with otros computers, it starts to detect the fog, but when he begins to put the picture of the fog reaches 1% and goes down.
    Do not know if it’s some setting in the Board, already tried everything and I’m not understand where this problem.
    \ GF

  • Hi,
    I’m having the same problem!
    I’m using FOG for about a year now, and it’s the first time I get something like this.
    When deploying an image on some computers, it starts well but seems like freezing at about 1%, then it says task complete and the computer reboots. That’s weird.
    The only thing that changes compared to my other computers is the motherboard (here a asus p5ql-Pro). System is win XP, and fog 0.32 is running out of the box on ubuntu 10.04

    Any help would be appreciated!