Unable to locate image file for Windows 7 sys.img.000

  • Hi all,

    I set up a new Fog server recently and want to transfer existing images from an external backup HD to it. I’ve done this before with not much issue. Let’s say I have an image called Win7Egeneric.

    1. Copy the directory & contents (sys.img.000 and rec.img.000) named Win7Egeneric to the images directory on the new Fog server.
    2. In Fog, create a new image with the exact same (case-sensitive) name as the folder.

    That should be it, and I have it working for some images. However when I try to do the same for some others, when I test the image by trying to clone a machine, Fog PXEboots and eventually reports “Unable to locate image file for Windows 7 sys.img.000” So when I check that folder, instead of finding sys.img.000 and rec.img.000, I have three files: d1.mbr, d1p1.img, and d1p2.img.

    Not sure how I tell Fog to work with this image. All I know is I used it before on a previous server so i doubt it’s corrupt. Is the naming scheme used for fixed-sized images (multiple partitions, non resizable)?

    Anyone else experience this?

  • Found the answer to my question…I was on the right track.

    I’m guessing that d1.mbr, d1p1.img, and d1p2.img is the naming scheme used for a fixed-size/multiple partition, non-resizable image. So once I updated the image file config to that setting instead of single partition (realizable), it worked like a charm and imaged…