Snapins fail to deploy with 1.0.1

  • Please see the file:

    [code]C:>type fog.log[/code]

  • I have the latest trunk installed. I also deleted the snapin files from the server and fog and then recreated and uploaded them, still no luck. I also see this error when trying to deply my XP snapin:
    Failed to create deploy task
    Snapins Are already deployed to this host.

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  • Try updating to the latest on SVN. I’ve found a few bugs and have corrected them. The core of 1.0.1 is the same, but there were new tweaks and changes.

    All you should have to do, as root on your system, is:
    [code]svn co
    cd trunk/bin

  • I should have stated I’ve been using these same snapins successfully since v. .31 so it’s not a problem with the snapin files.

  • Developer

    fyi, the fog client software has the ability to join computers to AD by itself.
    i have found that plaintext based snapins, like vbs or bat files, must have a space or carriage-return after it’s last character in order for the client to know the file has completed downloading. the file may end up with an added #!OK on it’s last line if it does not have this.
    as a test of your snapin system, you can create a .bat file with these contents
    [CODE]@echo off
    echo “HELLO I INSTALLED SNAPIN1 ON MY SYSTEM” > C:\installedSnapin1.txt
    and add it as a snapin.
    this will create a text file in the root of the drive, and verify that snapins are working.