• Previous versions of pxe I maintained a big list of pxe boot files for all of my citrix clients. They would first boot to fog, then find their proper kernel and then boot to citrix.

    With the changes in booting from 1.0 I’ve created a simple/straight forward method to do this with a registered host in fog.

    The patch adds a “Custom PXE Boot Menu” option to the host config menu. By entering anything into this it will set the host to automatically boot to whatever kernel is defined in the Host Kernel field above it. The text simply defines what is displayed as the menu option for the custom boot method.

    The kernel specified obviously also needs to reside in your tftp root.

    This patch can be applied to 1.0.1, there is a SQL piece and a few files are edited

    Simple instructions to apply on existing installation are included because it wouldn’t let me post in the body

    (UPDATE) Modified to work with groups as well.


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  • There appears to be an issue when applying a kernel/disk/etc change to a group from the group menu the setting doesn’t propagate to the hosts in the group.