Cant't delete a Client in the Managment and this Client can't connect to the Server

  • Hey guys,

    after a very successful morning with a couple of test i have my first error.

    i booted up a client for a master image. made the selection of inventory with a following upload of the image. everthing worked, but after 1 hour the notebook had a black screen without any infos. in the fog management console nothing happend.

    i pushed the on/off button and after that the client appeared in the fog console but without any infos.

    now i would like to delete this client, but it fails! the screen remains white after the confirmation. when i return to the console the client is still there.

    tryed to make the installation again, but now i can’t even boot from the pxe…all others client works.

    i deleted the dhcp lease but still nothing…

    any hints?

    cheers raffa