Storage Node issue in 1.0.1

  • Hi All,

    Have just built a new FOG 1.0.1 server and additional storage node. I have added the node and attempted to check it by tailing the fog replication log but it doesn’t appear to have been generated, also when I go to the home page on the dashboard and select the storage node in the disk info I get a message saying failed to connect in the disk info box. I have added the node as a slave in the default storage group and as a master in a new storage group called desktop but this has made no difference however when I add an image with the location pointing to the storage node I can actually image to it. I also have a 0.32 installation and have never come across this, any ideas / help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    Kind Regards
    Robbie 😄

  • The best guess that I have is either the mysql information on the node is incorrect and not communicating with the FOG Server. On the Storage Node system, edit the /var/www/{FOGWEBDIR}/commons/config.php and put in the appropriate information for your Main FOG Server’s mysql information. (e.g. Host, Username, Password)