Option to set minimizes or mazimized graphs in Task Management?

  • The graphs used in task management to show progress in a task is set to a minimized format. User has to hoover over the graph to get the full info and full graph. An option in FOG setting to choose between this hoover (minimized) functionality and a full graph would be nice.

  • Senior Developer

    I guess I don’t fully understand the request.

    The hover part get’s “de-hovered” because the data returned is cleared, then resent. This is why it defaults to “unhovered”. I could fix this behaviour but the idea of the active tasks page is to display the tasks, not really the progress information directly. That’s just an additional “feature” that was added to make all of our FOG’ing days a little bit easier.

    It’s not a huge concern to me, but I also don’t think a FOG Setting for this is warranted. If you want to play in the javascripts to get this for yourself, you’re more than welcome to it.