Low speed for FOG 0.33RC image upload

  • When uploading an image we have a speed from about 600MB/min.
    With image size space in use 43GB we need over one hour to complete one upload task.
    For me it’s slower than the FOG versions in the past. Is there any reason for this speed?
    FOG is the actual version out of SVN, running on VMware ESXi 5.5, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, two cores, four v-cores and 2048MB RAM. The newest VMware Tools are installed and running.

  • Sebastian, Try adjusting the Compression ratio on 0.33. This can now be done through the FOG GUI under FOG Configuration->FOG Settings->FOG Boot Settings->FOG_PIGZ_COMP.

    It has a range of 0 thru 9. A 9 is the highest compression rating and takes the longest time to process and upload as it is compressing data quite a bit. 0 is the worst compression rating, and takes the shortest time to process and upload. In years past, the default was at 3, but it was Hardcoded into the init.gz file. This setting allows you to decide how much compression you would like. It auto set’s at 9 though so I would start here.