Machines looping unable to locate host database

  • I pulled a new image and was getting ready to push it out when I discovered a problems with it. I went into FOG and deleted the group I had made along with all the registered hosts.

    I corrected the problem and then when trying to register the PCs again get: ‘Unable to locate host in database, please ensure MAC address is correct’.

    I went to /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg, but I don’t see anything in it.

    I looked in the FOG Database with:

    [INDENT=1]mysql -u root -p[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1]use fog;[/INDENT]
    [INDENT=1]select * from hosts; [/INDENT]

    but it comes up empty.

    I don’t know where else to look. Where else does FOG keep MAC addresses? I can hook up other PCs and they will register fine, but these five won’t.

    Any help is appreciated!

  • Senior Developer

    I don’t think we need to delete the post as it may help others.

  • Hey, nevermind this!

    I was looking in the wrong path for the MAC files. I found them, deleted them and all is well again. Delete this post, if you wish, Mods.

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