Fog Service Installer runs after image.

  • I have created a semi hardware independent image and uploaded and deployed it successfully. After a client is imaged and I log in with the local Administrator account a windows installer pops up trying to install the fog service. It then throws an error that the specified service already exists. I have confirmed that Fog Service is listed under Services. The Fog Tray also does not start after this error. When I installed the Fog Service/Tray on the master VM I used Setup.exe and entered the Fog server’s ip and did the install for “Just Me” with all options checked. The installer runs regardless of which user logs in. Did I mess up the install, or is it an issue with sysprep?

  • [quote=“Tom Elliott, post: 26107, member: 7271”]Don’t setup as JUST ME, install for everyone.[/quote]
    That seems to have done it. Thank you very much. I swear that the last district I was in had this installed for Just Me, but I am content with this solution for the time being. Thank you.

  • Don’t setup as JUST ME, install for everyone.