SOLVED Date of real upload date, not image creation

  • The date found in image info is the date when the image was first created, not the date when the image was actually uploaded. Could this be changed? It there is much work involving a database cheme update I guess this could be solved be reading the file date stamp if the image file?

  • “Feature” added.

  • Added schema for Image Upload date. Added column in the list/search fields for this to be displayed. Added to the Sub Menu as well (the notes section) while editing the image in question. Will release shortly. Trying to figure out the auto if I can implement it.

  • The date of it being last created makes sense, I may add the schema for the last deploy, the issue only being that it needs to happen after the image is deployed to a machine. That’s elementary though and really not a feature, but quite possibly a necessity. I’m sorry I missed it before, just been trying to get all the bugs squashed before a release is made.