SOLVED Some more info in list if hosts

  • I have put this into the bug tracer (by accident) but now I try again as a feature request.

    Deploying laptops differs from cloning ordinary PCs (at least in my school). Cloning PCs involves deploying a complete room at a time (a group), while deploying laptops is more or less more sporadic as the laptops tends to be in production and out of my control. They comes to my office when things need to be fixed (new deploy). It is almost impossible to collect them and do a complete re deploy of a complete group of laptops.

    I realy miss a feature in the host list to tell me the last time a host was deployed. If the deploy date existed in the list (and sortable) it is a pice of cake to know which laptop needs to be deployd and which are updated. I could then send a mail to the teacher or student that I need to have their laptop into my office for a quick deploy. They newer run their laptop on a wired network, so the only way to deploy is to have them into my office.

    If it was possible to locate these laptops with an old image in an easy way it would help a lot!

  • This one seems to be very handy [url][/url]

    It makes the lists fantastic: sortable and it removes the need of the search function. The filter function is much better.

  • Added column to host page.

    If location plugin is enabled, displays column as Location/Deployed, if Location is not enabled, only shows the Deploy date.

  • Thanks a lot, Tom! I love this but it still makes it hard to locate hosts which is a long time since the last deploy. If the date was visable as a column in the host list view it would be even more useful. Now I have to use the mouseover to find the info on each single host, and the info is sort of useless to easily locate “old” hosts which I require to get my hands on.

    Do you think it could be doable to put this very useful info in a column?

    A new feature, parhaps not in this beta release, could be to use some nice jquery code to put all kind of lists in a jquery table. Then it is possible to sort columns and ajust column width very easy without much coding.

  • “Feature” added to display the last date of deployment.

  • The imaging logs should be good for this. They show the times that a system started and completed imaging. Maybe use these? While searching is not always the easiest and I realize that, right now we’re kind of in a feature freeze. I will try to add the Auto option you requested only because that’ll be fairly simple to add. Simply add an Auto tag. If auto is the culprit, check the count returned, if > 10, search, if not list. Again, I have to test, but for your issue here, I’d recommend using the Imaging logs as your primary source to keep track. You can filter it down if you know mysql syntax so you can find your particular machine.