After migration of Fog to a new server, the Server hardware information is wrong.

  • I am running fog 0.32 on Ubuntu Server 11.10. I migrated the MySQL DB from a server running Fog 0.29. I then imported the DB, all the hosts show up, images and everything else. But the Hardware information is incorrect, it is still showing the old hardware configuration. How can I update this?

    Also I am getting this error in the logs:

    I don’t appear to be the group manager, I will check back later.

    Thank you in advance.

  • NVM. Excel was messing up the formatting. Opened it up in good ol’ Text Wrangler saved as csv, all is good.

  • Decide to say screw it, and reinstalled OS and Fog from scratch. I am now exporting a csv from my old fog server and importing it to the new one. However I am running into this issue:

    Invalid number of cells.

    Using the template from the server. Any ideas?