• Good Morning all,

    Currently we have multiple fog servers (1 per site) and I have noticed an issue when trying to deploy an image to OptiPlex 780 machines, we have started noticing that the graphics card is stopping the machine from imaging so it needs to be disconnected , the image completed and reconnected on one of our sites, however on another one of our sites this does not happen, same fog version same machine type same image. is there any way of checking what kernel a server is running as standard so I can replicate it to the other servers to stop this issue, and to also report which kernel is causing this problem

    thanks in advance

  • The only method, I know of, to check the kernel version is to boot a system in debug mode and run the command:
    [code]uname -rm[/code]
    This command will tell you what version and architecture the kernel is in. As it’s FOG 0.32, most likely the kernel arch is 32 bit (x86) but I can’t give you much more. However, I wouldn’t think you would need to go through all of that. If you know a kernel that works in one place, why not just rsync or ftp that kernel to all the other sites directly. As you stated, it works in one place, but not another, it’s obviously due to the kernel’s NOT being the same. At least that’s how I’m seeing it.