SnapIn Batch Installation

  • Hi !

    I know that Tom is busy with the bugfixing of the actual fog version,
    but i would like to make a small feature request:

    My co-worker created a few ‘help’ databases (with nuBuilder) so we can store some additional informations/configurations for our fog deployment.
    We created a list of snapins (apps & configuration) which will be deployed (with the help of some small autoit scripts) after the initial fog deployment.

    So my request would be a possibility to create list of snapins which can be deployed in a batch.
    (For example each department could have their own application list).
    The list could be choosen in the “General” Host view.

    This would improve the snapin part of fog.


    I hope my explanation is understandable.
    I would be a tester if you need.

    What do you think ?


  • Great informations!

    Would love to see some new fog_service features :D

  • Senior Developer

    We’re currently in the process of rewriting the FOGService. I’ll see if I can make the request, but also going to see about adding in “prioritization” of snapin installations a possibility.

  • push

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