• Hi Developer and Friends of FOG,
    I have two almost identical machines here, one with and one without SSD.

    FOG works with both machines, the upload and the Deployed runs flawlessly on both machines. But the one with the SSD shows error.
    SAM_1972.jpg is error-free indication from the machine without SSD, SAM_1971.jpg the FOG-screen of the machine with SSD and SAM_1969.jpg the screen of the client with SSD and the running faulty display.

    Please write me something about it, I am now a fan of FOG and would like to contribute a little to the development of beta.

    Many friendly greetings.


  • Hi,
    my english is not good, sorry. Into my east german school I must learning the russian language …

    The SSD-Image is “downloaded” properly. The “upload” or “deployed” I will testing into the future ( one or two hours). I seeing freeze of the Client from time to time …
    Yes, the FOG-Host is a very slowly Pentium4-Machine.

    Thank you for the answer and I wish you a good time.

  • So based on your information before describing and displaying pictures, did the SSD system image fine and operate properly?

    The only guess to the error’s is it’s actually writing the data to the drive faster than the system can keep pushing the data, so it has to freeze the ssd operation for a little bit. Because of this, it spits the errors you’re seeing on the screen. That’s just a guess. I don’t have one of these systems so it’s kind of hard for me to give a definitive answer.