Dell Optiplex 330 PXE Graphics corruption

  • Hi guys,

    I’ve got a Dell Optiplex 330’s that I am trying to upload an image from. The PXE process takes place, I get some kernel warnings that I always get on just about machine, stuff like, “[SIZE=2][FONT=arial][COLOR=#545454]Could not find Carillo Ranch MCH device[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]”, it waits for several seconds then my screen goes wonky. I’m guessing there is some sort of error message here but I can’t read it because the screen is pixelated static. I’ts not a moving static like a 90’s TV without a signal, it’s non-changing, a static static. After about a minute the computer resets, and the process repeats itself.

    I know several Optiplex machines have issues with fog as seen here: [url][/url] But I’m hopeful that I can find a workaround as I have several Optiplex machines I need to deploy images to. Anyone know how I can figure out what’s wrong? Are there any logs I can take a look at on the fog server?

  • Excellent! Haha that’s a great solution. Thank you very much.

    The error was because I had the image set to single partition, when there were two partitions on disk. The first partition was a Dell recovery partition.

    For the interested, I recorded a video of the original graphics problem: [media=youtube]KQtLIqUWeQk[/media]

  • When the screen goes all wonky, it’s not really at the kernel layer, its one of the video drivers. It tries to perform modesetting which screws up somewhere in the process. The kernel is usually still operating perfectly fine, just you can’t see it. My kernels have removed all of the video drivers so this doesn’t happen.

  • Cool beans. Using your kernel, the screen didn’t go all wonky and now I’m able to read the errors!

    Could you tell me about your kernel? I’m wondering what the differences are that makes it work with the optiplex 330.

  • Try my kernel.


    Save it on your fog server as /tftpboot/fog/kernel/bzImage