Which configuration do I need?

  • Dear,

    Today we have a server made by our solution developer but it has some issues that can’t be fixed . We need to develop a new one. I’m thinking about start a new one with fog solution running on it. Our business is IT stuff rental like workstations, servers, laptops etc and mainly for workstations and laptops we need an image server to download customized images and send it to customers. Because that we need some performance and I ask for your help on that server developing.

    For my purposes do I need disk performance like SAS 15K or SATA 7.2K is enough? I don’t know how Linux/Fog deals with disk and how to gain performance. We can build 40 machines at the same time, but not exactly all 40 will download same image at same time. We can consider 10 machines downloading Windows XP Custom1, 10 Windows XP Custom 2 and 10 downloading Windows 7. The last 10 downloading any other images. Can I do it or I will need to wait one kind of image at a time?

    Server configuration that I am thinking about:

    Dual Xeon dual core
    4GB RAm (up to 8GB)
    3 SAS HDDs 15K RAID5 (maybe 4 HDDs RAID 10)
    Ubuntu Server (if there’s some performance improvements otherwise will be Ubuntu Desktop)

    Can you help me?



  • On the wiki there’s info how you can add mulitple servers for load balancing but what I have done is added little more RAM to my workstation to improve performance and I have imaged about 7 computers at a time and haven’t had problems. I am not sure why you are using such a powerfull system when I have FOG on a quad core HP5800 workstation with 4gb of ram and haven’t had any problems. I have a 1tb drive as local sotrage and when I need to backup, I copy them to our extrnal USB drive that goes offsite. No performance downgrade whatsoever. Still deploys image at a gigabit speed.

    You can deploy to multiple workstation and what you do is create a txt file with the MAC addresses, then upload to fog. The MAC addresses will be in the FOG database then you create a group if you want and deploy.
    Or you can go thourgh the fog webinterface, register each workstation and then put them in a group and deploy without having to create the txt file.