PC-Wächter (Security Hardware) not Installed anymore after rouleout

  • Hi,

    we are useing a Hardware card (PCI) wich protects the Windows Installation from changeing content on Harddrive (every reboot deletes the changes and reverts to originals). At the moment we are useing Norton Ghost to Image all our PCs wich works with the Hardware Card.

    Now we are trying FOG to see if it works better. I (personaly) like FOG more, but we have a problem with the Hardware card. After the Roleout is complete die Machine doesn’t recognise that the card is registered/installed.

    I allready contacted the developer of the Hardware, wich told me that the Informations from the Card are stored on Sector 5 on the Harddisk. Now it seems like FOG is not imageing that sector. I allready tested a litle bit, and found that is can solve the problem with DD (“dd if=/dev/sda of=d1.pcw skip=5 count=1 bs=512” to Backup, and “dd if=d1.pcw of=/dev/sda seek=5 count=1 bs=512” to write it back) is there any possibility that we can implement a switch in FOG to let FOG decide if this sector should also imaged?

    I realy would prefer FOG, and i’m willing to help developing a patch for this, but i’m not that deep into FOG to write it on my own…

    Anyone who can help me adding this? (even when it’s only possible to aquire without a switch?)


  • Hello,
    I have got the same problem with pc-wächter-card from Dr. Kaiser. Is there any solution for this?

  • First of all, thanks for your answer!

    The MBR is stored on the first sector (as usual) after that, the Card writes some Information to Sector 5 for configuration purpose (Passwords and stuff i think) so it may also help to backup all from sector 0 to 5, but it’s not needed for the pc-wächter to work.

  • Senior Developer

    I want to understand this more fully if at all possible.

    Your PCI card data writes data at sector 5 on the hard drive? The MBR get’s written after this point? Is this correct?

    I ask this because your dd statement shows it skipping sector 5, and then writing the MBR after that , basically on Sector 6. However my, albeit limited, understanding of MBR is that data is supposed to be stored on the first sector of the drive. So any data after that should be imaged as normal. If you need to copy the data before sector 5, how is it possible?

    One sector size of data is: 32256 bytes. Five sector’s worth of data would be: 161280 bytes, or 157.5 KB. This is based on 512 bytes per head with 63 heads per sector. So wouldn’t it be more appropriate to copy all of the data from sector one through sector 5?

    Example, to backup the data:
    [code]dd if=/dev/sda of=d1.pcw count=315 bs=512[/code]

    Then to rewrite the data:
    [code]dd if=d1.pcw if=/dev/sda count=315 bs=512[/code]