Shutdown after task completion is rebooting client

  • Hi folks,

    Whenever I schedule a task and enable the option to ‘Shutdown after Task Completion’ the client reboots, rather than shuts down. GreenFog and scheduled shutdowns also behave the same way.

    This used to work just fine and the only thing that changed around the time it stopped working was an Ubuntu OS kernel update that I received automatically. I’m pretty sure the kernels fog uses to work with clients are isolated from the OS kernel updates.

    Anyone know of a fix or a method to troubleshoot?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

  • This isn’t a kernel issue at all, as the Services (GreenFOG, TaskReboot, etc…) don’t do anything with the kernel/linux layer of the FOG system.

    The only one that, might possibly, have anything to do with the kernel is the Task scheduling shutdown, but even that I’d be hard pressed to believe.

    I think this issue is more related to the way the shutdown command for the task cycle is read. I don’t know much about 0.32’s init.gz file but it may be trying to see shutdown as either 0 or 1, but the shutdown sent when creating a task is set as shutdown=on. I could be wrong and will take a look for you.