Add hard drive/storage space to FOG Server

  • All,

    I am looking for some guidance on adding a secondary hard drive to a fog server. I have added a 1TB drive, formatted it as EXT3, and mounted it as /images2. I want this to be additional storage, not replicating /images. I set up the server without LVM, so…

    Do I just create a new storage group and then a new storage node that connects to that partition? If so, is the new storage node considered a master node? Or is there another procedure?

    Thanks, in advance, for any help.

  • well, without LVM, no, if you have a separate dir… it’s gonna get annoying for NFS… and using a storage node is probably not a good idea.
    But copying data over to the LV, then umounting /images, remounting the LV on /images, then lvextending, that’s less than a minute of downtime if done properly… 🙂

  • I do have /images set up as its own partition on the first hard drive. I was hoping to keep them separate to avoid downtime that would be involved in moving all of the data.

    So there is no way to add a second partition (ie: /images2) on the same server?

  • Use LVM then… set up LVM on the new disk, add a LV called images, move everything from /images in there, and then mount it in /images… If you don’t have a specific partition for /images you won’t be able to extend it over that, but you’ll have some room to make it happen (like reclaim the space, create a partition on the first hdd, and lvextend on it).