• I have an optiplex 390 that will register with no issues but when it comes to deploy or upload an image the pxe boot process stops and says /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg ok It will then just sit there and won’t go further. My optiplex 740s are working perfectly. I have setup chainloading with syslinux and have chainloaded gPXE. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Lol. I guess that would cause some confusion. My imaging today has gone well. Once I clean up some nagging sysprep issues I’m good to go.

  • I found out what my problem was. We have Option 43 set in our DHCP for our phone system. Once I disabled that they worked perfectly.

  • I just got a batch of 390’s in on Friday. I took an image of the shipped OS w/o issue before reading about the chainloading issue in the wiki. If your units are new, perhaps the fix referred to in the wiki isn’t needed? NOTE: I did turn off the BIOS setting for deep sleep.

    I’ll be attempting to capture my golden img and deploying on Monday. I’ll report back my successes/failures.