Client can't boot or upload image (Ubuntu 12.04 server)

  • Hi guys,
    I’m pretty new to FOG, so I might be missing something obvious, but I’m having trouble getting a client (running Ubuntu 12.04 server) to either add itself to invertory or successfully boot into debug mode. My FOG server is also running Ubuntu 12.04 server.

    The client will succesfully PXE boot and load the FOG menu. I’m using the Kitchen Sink kernel to be safe w/hardware support. When I boot to the debug mode, I get the FOG ASCII graphic, then an “Error Detected!” message, and the client sits at a root command line interface. When I attempt to add to inventory, I get a message about an inappopriate ioctl device, then FOG continues, and ultimately gives “Attempting to send image …” and then hangs indefinitely.

    Any thoughts as to what my problem could be? Is there any way I could get more debug info from the client or the server on the client’s activity?


  • Awesome, glad to have been of some help.

  • Tom, thanks for the debug info.
    I double-checked the message I received from FOG. I searched the forums for the ioctl error, and I eventually realized that the ioctl error could mean that the client couldn’t find the device it was trying to mount (thanks to one of your posts). After a lot of double checking, I found some data entry errors where the FOG server was given the wrong IP address.
    Thanks for your help and for the prompt reply. I’ve now successfully uploaded an image to the server and added a few hosts.

  • Okay,

    Sorry I’ve been sick for the last few days, including today.

    Can you register the host to the system? From there you can set the hostname, and it should perform the inventory for you. After that, you can setup an upload, or deployment task. You’ll have to first upload if you don’t already have a FOG image for the machine. All should work properly for you. Don’t forget to use the FOG Web GUI.

  • Thanks for the prompt reply!

    If I run fog.sysinfo from the root command line in debug mode, FOG tells me that the computer appears to be compatible with FOG. Disk and network both pass.

  • Running Debug from the PXE menu is more to try “debugging” an issue, but it doesn’t set any of the needed variables. While you’re in Debug mode, however, run the command:
    Choose Option 4 (Client compatibility)

    Does both the Hard-drive and Network pass?