Windows 8 unbootable after restore

  • So I’v been experimenting with Fog to deploy Windows 8. Using v0.32 with 3.8.8 kernel. Test hardware is Dell Optiplex 3000 (3.8.8 & 3.3.3 kernels both seem to work okay with this model).

    Using a single partition image:

    I am able to use Fog to take an image off the machine and restore to it. However after restoring the image it cannot boot from the disk. I’v also tried using the WindowsRE to fix MBR and boot sector, then trying to rebuild the BCD still fails saying the installation isn’t bootable.

    Using TestDisk, it shows that the boot sector is invalid/corrupt but it is not able to repair the problem.

    Using a multi partition image does work. But I was hoping to be able to use a resizable image…

  • To use a resizable image, perform all the steps you do with the multi-partition image. Then sysprep the system before you upload. During the sysprep, set the system to shutdown rather than reboot. Then setup the upload job and turn the system back on. It should work better for the resizable. I haven’t verified all of this with Windows 8, but I have to do the same thing for Windows 7. The only major difference (unless going to EFI/Secureboot) between Windows 8 and Windows 7 is the Metro interface. So theoretically the same steps should be able to be followed.