Central FOG server to manager 100+ remote sites

  • I am working on a process to re-image Agent notebooks out in all our 100+ District Offices. The images are all the same Windows 7 with a 😄 and 😧 drive. Today, when the notebook is in one of the Offices it comes back to Corporate and hits the DHCP server for an IP address. What I am wondering is if I put in place an IP helper that instructs the notebook in a District Office to use serverX (FOG Server) for PXE can I then tell the notebook where to pick up the image? You see, all the District Offices have a SLED (SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop) PC in them for WCCP caching via Squid and simple web-based tasks with Firefox. I have a /tftpboot directory which contains the current Ghost image which I was trying to get to work earlier. Since then I have discovered FOG and wonder if I can have the PXE process go to Corporate for the IP address and PXE server location. Then once in the PXE environment tell it to use the image on this SLED machine to deploy. That would be local to each Office and not trying to download a 20+ GB image over DSL or Cable connection which would impact the District Office.

    Is that possible? The nice thing is all of these SLED PCs have a similar address where all x.x.?.x (x are the same and ? represents the District Office location). So if you were in Office Z which has an address of then you grab the image from and not from the Central FOG server.

  • This sounds like a job for the Location Patch created by Lee Rowlett, Maybe he can chime in here!