• I have two Win XP clients that I was fogging in a lab of 25 computers. 23 had no issues, however two complete the fogging then give an error basically saying that a client with the MAC address can’t be found. The error repeats every few seconds. If I power off the machine and power it back on it tries to run Fog again with the same results. I can’t figure out how to stop it from trying to run Fog. There are no active or scheduled tasks listed, I have rebooted the servers, but it still wants to run Fog on these two machines. How can I reset things so they don’t try to run Fog?

  • You’ll need to get their MAC Addresses.

    Get on your fog server and delete the PXE files associated for those macs.

    They’ll be located in:

    You remove those two files and the systems will not try to “FOG” after every reboot.