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  • I am having issues exporting the host list. I found this link ([url]http://fogproject.org/forum/threads/mass-export-host-information.902/[/url]) showing the command information. I got the user and password information from the FOG Settings for mySQL but there is no information being saved, or error messages being returned.

    The commands I followed are these:

    [FONT=Consolas]#mysqldump -u root -p[password] fog hosts > hosts.sql[/FONT]
    [FONT=Consolas]Where does the file actually go to? I checked the root directory but found nothing. I modified the directory in the output to point to my home directory but it did not give me any results.[/FONT]

  • Senior Developer

    The file is whereever you were in.

    My guess is you in the Root’s home directory: /root/

    To find the file on your system go in to the root of the drive with:
    [code]cd /[/code]

    Then run the command:
    [code]find . -name hosts.sql[/code]

    It will report the results of the file, if it finds it, as something like:

    My guess is that you opened a terminal and performed the command, so you can also check in
    [code]cd /root/

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