• I have a production FOG server that has been up and running (100%) for about 8 months now. It images around 50-100 computers daily and has been a champ this whole time. Excellent software. I want to move forward with this project and into other departments. I have a rack with sixteen computers to do RAM and HDD testing, I’d like to have those computers default to memtest or my HDD testing .iso, while still having the standard PXE boot -> menu option for computers that need to be re-imaged. It has been awhile since I have actually done administration on my FOG system (no need, it’s stable) so I’m not sure how to go about doing, or if it is possible. The machines will be static, with non-changing MAC addresses, if I have to manually configure them, I’m not concerned about that. Ideally they would PXE boot and go to a different menu than the computers getting reimaged. I’m curious if this is possible.

  • That will get messy when I have more than 16 stations, but that sounds like it is what I need, thanks!

  • Yes, just make a new boot file from the default menu located at /tftpboot/fog/pxelinux.cfg ( i think, somewhere around there) and put the contents you want into new files that are named by the mac of those computers. so copy default to 00aa44556611 and change the contents of the file. everytime those pc’s boot they will load there own file instead of the default. Kinda vague but should get you started.