• Having a little bit of a issue. I just got some Dell Optiplex 755’s in. Imaged the first couple no problem. Third one it will act like it is going to start pulling down the image and just reboots. I thought weird I’ll try a different kernel, no different. Then I thought well I’ll do the compatibility test and the drive fails. Must be a bad drive then. Swap the drive and run the test it passes. Then go to pull the image it does the same thing no good. So after that I run the test again and this time the test fails. So somehow FOG is nuking drives in certain 755’s. After this workstation I hooked up another one and no problem imaged just fine. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

  • My guess is your trying to image using MBR, but the Drives are partitioned through GPT. Just saying, check it out.

  • Ok, so an update this is the latest I’ve been able to figure out. I’m up to about 5 workstations that are giving me this issue. This is what I’ve came to as the issue, I’m getting this message “disk /dev/sdb doesn’t contain a valid partition table.” Has anyone seen this before and if so how do you format the drive to get a valid partition table?

  • Alright so a update. BIOS makes no difference. Took one of the “bad drives” and put in one of the workstations that is working and it can’t image it. The workstation with the “good” drive can boot just fine. I’m afraid to try to image the “good drive” in the “bad workstation” because I don’t have but 1 or 2 extra drives right now. Any suggestions would be great.

  • Going to do some more testing it may be a BIOS issue. The TWO now that I have that are messing up have BIOS version A10 while the ones that are working just fine are A09. Going to try to downgrade one of the 10 ones and will report back.

  • It sounds to me like your “third” system has a problem with the motherboard. Maybe the drive isn’t recognized by BIOS? I don’t think fog is “nuking” drives and I’m willing to bet if you put the drives you swapped out into a system you where able to image things would work fine.