Blank pages when opening reports

  • Hi,

    Im running .33 on ubuntu 13.
    All is working but when i try to pull up reports from report management then its blank.

    I checked apache logs and I found this

    require_once(./lib/ReportMaker.class.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/fog/management/reports/User Login Hist.php

    I looked in the lib directory and there is no such file.
    Has anyone come across this issue?

  • Senior Developer

    I think I see what you were referring to and have made the change, the next update will reflect this. Currently testing/fixing snapin deploys though so may be a minute.

  • Senior Developer

    I’m not seeing any pending macs. Did you copy wrong by chance? For example:

    cp packages/web/Host\ List.php /var/www/fog/management/reports/Pending\ MACs.php

    Or are you just saying the file name is the same?

  • Understood.

    So I copied all of them over and now they are appearing. Was it something i did incorrectly with the install or will the install process change in future revisions?

    Another thing i noticed was that the pending mac report was the same as the host list report, can you confirm thats how its supposed to be?
    Thank you

  • Senior Developer

    User Login Hist is for users logging in to windows systems.

  • Thanks, that made the User Login Hist page come up.
    Im assuming I do the same for the others?

    One thing though, I did a quick test of the user “fog” and nothing pulled up giving me a message of “No results found”

  • Senior Developer

    do you still have the installation directory?

    Can you cd into this directory and copy the file:
    [code]cp packages/web/management/reports/User\ Login\ Hist.php /var/www/fog/management/reports/[/code]

  • Thanks for the prompt reply/ No, nothing was deleted. The revision is 1129.

  • Senior Developer

    Did this file get deleted? What revision 0.33 are you on?

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