Problem with separate NFS Server

  • Hi guys,

    I have a VM FOG serveur on Proxmox and a OpenMediaVault Server.
    FOG is on xxxx.xxxx.98.107 and OMV on xxxx.xxxx.98.195

    My VM have only 15GB free space so I need a mounting volume for my images.

    My fstab on FOG :

    [QUOTE] /images nfs auto 0 0[/QUOTE]
    On FOG i have this permissions :
    [QUOTE]drwxrwsrwx+ 17 1002 root 4096 janv. 23 15:47 images[/QUOTE]
    On OMV :
    [QUOTE]drwxrwsrwx+ 17 fog root 4096 janv. 23 15:47 images-fog[/QUOTE]

    I follow all article in the wiki and read all thread who speak about “FOG NFS Serveur”

    But my problem is, when i try to deploy/uplad an images, i have this :


    I’M stuck here, i need help please 🙂
    Sorry for my bad english 😉


  • If I summarizes, the NFS server export “/images” on FOG server and FOG Server export “/images” on Client, it’s correct?

  • It looks like you only allow the ip listed there to access the NFS can you try changing the ip to a * and restart the Nfs service?

  • Doesn’t work, I think the problem is the exports of OMV ?:

    [QUOTE]# to NFS clients. See exports(5).

    NFSv4 - pseudo filesystem root


  • It has a sticky element on it for everyone.

    I don’t know what the umask is

    Can you perform:
    [code]chmod -R g-s /images[/code]

  • Im logged in root on FOG serveur but i can’t do this : chmod -R 777 /images

    [QUOTE]drwxrwsrwx 17 nobody nogroup 4096 janv. 24 11:26 images[/QUOTE]
    [QUOTE]chmod: modification des permissions de « /images »: Opération non permise[/QUOTE]

    “Operation not allowed” in english 🙂

  • When you say you don’t have permissions. Do you mean it gives you permission denied when you try to run the command, or you can’t login as root?

    If you mean you’re logged in as a regular user on the FOG Server, try:
    [code]sudo touch /images/.mntcheck; sudo touch /images/dev/.mntcheck; sudo chmod -R 777 /images[/code]

    If it asks for a password, use the user password (the same one you login to the system with.)

    To my knowledge, fog is compatible, though it’s only been tested for sure on Fedora/Centos/Ubuntu.

  • I need to do this on my NFS server (OpenMediaVault) or on my FOG server ? Because on my FOG I can’t, I don’t have the permissions.

    Fog 0.32 is compatible with Debian Wheezy 7.3?

  • No prob with the language, it’s fine. It says Permission denied.

    Make sure the storage nodes /images directory contains the .mntcheck file, and is recursively owned with 777 perms.

    [code]touch /images/.mntcheck; touch /images/dev/.mntcheck; chmod -R 777 /images[/code]