• I’m looking for some help to do one of two things; either get Fog to update the tftpboot folder on my DHCP server hosted on an OSX 10.8 server box OR get the OSX box to successfully pass off the IP address of the FOG box as my TFTP server in its Bootpd settings.

    My current setup is this:
    DHCP & TFTP server is an OSX 10.8 box running Netboot and DeployStudio for imaging Macs. Fog server is on a separate Linux box (Ubuntu 13.10). I have PCs successfully booting under PXE and being imaged via the Fog box but only with me manually copying the contents of pxelinux.cfg between the two boxes before I want to do any imaging. Otherwise new PC clients happily update fog from the pxelinux menu which was initially copied from the Fog box to the OSX box after Fog was installed.

    So how can I get Fog to update the pxelinux.cfg folder on the osx box directly? I can sftp put/get from linux to osx but not with the fog user, only a root user (even though the fog user is present on both boxes)…

    Or how to get the osx box to actually read and use dhcp_option_66 from bootpd.plist, which it seems to ignore…

    And forget DeployStudioPC…that’s what I’ve come from…